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The racing season is about to begin.


Up to this moment, everything is going smoothly. At the end of December, the breeders for the long-distance and for the overnight long-distance were coupled, as were the racing pigeons for the long-distance. The breeders' first round of eggs was placed under the yearling racing pigeons, so that we were quickly able to wean two rounds of the breeding pigeons. In contrast to the past few years, there were no health problems with these youngsters. Let's hope that it stays that way.

Very soon, you will be able to read under breeders one-day long-distance how we paired the couples.

There are still some ten young from the third breeding round to come, and then we will have a good team of about 70 pigeons for the young pigeon races.

The first round of the overnight long-distance breeders has been moved to the Witte Duifstraat in Krommenie, to the loft of the new combination Mila and Manisha Brugemann. The second round has just been weaned in our own loft. The third round of eggs has been placed under the yearling nest pigeons, so that they can now start on the fourth breeding round.

With the young of the best old pigeons, we hope to have some 100 young birds to start racing in the 'natoer' races. Under breeders overnight long-distance you can find how we put the couples together.


Mid March, we coupled the nest pigeons for the overnight races, and they have just started their training. The intention is to enter about twenty of these in the race from Barcelona, and to divide the second-year pigeons over Pau, Agen (ZLU) and St. Vincent (ZLU).

But first we will train them up to 100-200-200-300 and 350 kilometers. The yearlings will be entered in two long-distance races and then, if everything goes well, go on to the race from Bergerac.


The widowers and the hens for the long-distance are now released every other day, and this weekend they are making their first flight from 100 kilometers.

The hens Friday evening in the club, and the cocks on Sunday with the trainings car.


Good news from Japan

We received an e-mail from Japan that Mr Yoshida has become the winner of the difficult 700 kilometer one-loft race of the JRPA (Japanese Union).

The winning pigeon was bred from a pigeon that was bought from us out of "Zoon Antara" x "Jamelda" (6th international Barcelona 2011) x Kuypers Bros.

Always a pleasure to learn that our pigeons are also successful with other fanciers!







The winning pigeon


November 24th


With mixed feelings


Last week at the total sale from Peter Molenaar and son Ronald, we bought the 'Rosetta'.

As young pigeon this hen won 6 prizes and 11 prizes as yearling, with an 8th from Pont St. Maxence (385 kilometers) against 13,111 pigeons, and 5 on 5 on the long-distance, with among others a 2nd Argenton in Rayon C against 401 pigeons and a 6th Bourges against 729 birds. With this she became pigeon champion long-distance in the Rayon. In other words, a hen that we are very pleased with to have in our breeding loft.


The reason for the sale was not so nice. The pigeon lofts are next to Peter's house, and from there they flew in real champion fashion.

Sadly, in September 2014, Peter had a stroke, and Ronald had to start looking after the pigeons alone. With a demanding job, a young family and football activities, Ronald could not keep this up. He also can't place a racing loft at home.

Therefore, it was decided to give up the pigeon sport for the time being, and to start looking out for another location to start again. Hopefully, we will soon be able to greet the combination back into the sport, and start competing with them with the children of the 'Rosetta'.







October 6th


The rest of the season


After a long period of silence we're back with an update. Because of the pressure of work and the holidays, we didn't have a chance before to write something for the site.

Here is a short review of the rest of the season.


The overnight long-distance pigeons

After Barcelona, most of the old pigeons flew the race from Perpignan. Out of the Barcelona pigeons that returned back on Saturday, we only selected two pigeons for Perpignan, to minimize the risks. The others will be kept until the race from Barcelona in 2016.

We also basketed a few second-year pigeons that had flown the race from Bergerac. Regretfully, the little hen that was our first from Bergerac couldn't be entered in this race because she was too far into the moult period.

Regarding the outcome we can be succinct: bad. Just a few end prizes. And even these are not visible in the results. Because of a barbeque with the NIC Alkmaar, the results from Perpignan were already calculated on Saturday afternoon. Because we were working at that time, and Colinda still had to wait for the pigeons returning from Argenton (with also pigeons in the same module as Perpignan), we didn't deliver any results at all.

A pity, but nothing we can do about it.

The barbeque was a nice initiative from the NIC, but a pity that they don't take into account the fanciers who are racing from Argenton as well.


We had 24 yearlings to uphold our honour from Cahors, the last NPO race of the season with an afternoon release.

It was our first nominated and favourite yearling that went in the lead, good for a 25th place in the Fondclub Noord-Holland, and the 57th in the sector 2 against 5,810 pigeons. With ten prizes in the sector results, we were content. The hen that flew in the lead had been one of our favourites from the very beginning.

Beautifully built, dark variegated with velvet soft plumes. As young pigeon, she already returned home in good time from a very bad 'natoer' race (an overnight race from Quievrain).

 14 1821915

The young pigeons have flown two 'natoer' races, but they had a hard time with the second one, and afterwards we decided to keep them home.

By now, we also have a considerable number of late young. If everything goes according to plan, we will start to train these talents in March, and they will be entered from the first race on.


The long-distance pigeons

These birds have also flown in the race from Chateauroux and Argenton.

Both were good races, but we didn't have very good results. We had our prizes, but no lead pigeons.

After Argenton, the selection was done. We kept six couples old pigeons, the other 18 breeding boxes will be filled with young talent.

The old birds were allowed to breed twice for two weeks, and by now they are separated.

In between Christmas and New Year, they will be coupled again, together with all the breeding pigeons.


The young pigeons for the long-distance, who are predominantly looked after by Colinda and Lara, and who are racing under Lara's name, performed very well! Nice series with several lead pigeons. Only the second and the last race didn't go so well.

A good team of young pigeons has been selected. Just a pity that there are not many hens among them.




6th July


Barcelona and Bergerac


Because of the expected extreme heat the program had to be adjusted.
So, sadly, there was no Chateauroux, and Cahors was shortened to Bergerac.
Once more it was proven how well pigeons can deal with heat during their flight. Especially Bergerac, 905 kilometers, went very well despite the low speed, and there were almost no stragglers. In our own loft, 10 birds back of the 11 that were entered.
We started with the 13th provincial Noord-Holland and the 33rd notation in Sector 2 against 2,425 pigeons.
Our first pigeon was a second year hen, bred by our friend Ys Kaptein, out of the bloodlines of his Barcelona Goulden Double who, in their turn, have a lot of Brugemann pigeons in their pedigree. 

Then there was Barcelona, the kingly flight for the long-distance enthousiasts. It proved to be a difficult, but fair race with a smooth run, given the circumstances.
Most prizes were won on the Saturday evening.
Helped by the southeasterly wind, Noord-Holland claimed the leading role.
Supreme winner on a distance of 1,281 kilometer was Kees Droog from Andijk.




Kees Droog with his winning hen


 Kees Droog

3rd and 7th national Cees vd Laan from Castricum(both  50% Brugemann), 4th national the Hendriks Family from Zuiderwoude, and 10th national the combination Verwey-de Haan.
We didn't clock a real lead pigeon ourselves, but with the 112th national(with Robinha, see pedigree) and 10 prizes out of 20 we are still content


12 1468933.


 21st june

Second and third long-distance


The second long-distance race was flown on the 6th June from Bourges (623 kilometers).

The release was at 8 am, with fine weather and a wind changing from north to west to south-west.

This time, we took the 1st in the club (the first time at the new address!) against 250 pigeons, in the region we became 3rd against 756 pigeons, after two birds from long-distance champion Richard Faber, who were just half a minute faster, and 17th in the Afdeling Noord-Holland against 6,300 pigeons.

The first to arrive was the 053, a hen that had already flown several prizes as young bird and in the run up to the long-distance. Unfortunately, she missed on the first long-distance race.

Notable this time was that the hens were superior in the department too; no less than 21 of the 30 first pigeons were hens!

The second pigeon came back 15 minutes later, after which they started to arrive quickly, one after the other, with as end result 16 prizes of the 36.

Below the pedigree of our first pigeon:

 14 1822053

The third long-distance race was from Vierzon on 20 June, distance 616 kilometers.

Besides the 34 widowers and hens from the long-distance loft, we now had 36 yearling nest pigeons for the overnight long-distance in the race as well.

This time no real lead pigeon, the first to come back was 14 minutes behind the first pigeon in the club from Martijn and Marit Kramer.

That same pigeon also won 1st in the Afdeling Noord-Holland, so that Martijn and Marit finally have the victory on a NPO flight, for which they had been hoping for a long time. After another two pigeons from Martijn and Marit, we start in the 4th place in the club, the 14th in the region against 743 pigeons, and 47th in the Department against 5,200 birds.

The pigeons arrived back home in good time, 18 of the 34 long-distance pigeons flew a prize.

Our first pigeon to come back was our favourite yearling cock, the 098 out of the Witpen Richard x Dochter 't Goedje from Rudi de Saer.

This beautiful witpen (white feather) cock already won a few nice prizes as young pigeon, and he did the same again in the two first long-distance races.

As we knew beforehand, the nest pigeons for the overnight long-distance came back much too late but, even so, two of them still managed to win a prize.

All being well, we will basket 27 pigeons for Barcelona next Sunday, on Tuesday about 30 for Cahors, and the next Thursday 31 for Chateauroux. Now the only thing left to do is hope for good weather during the weekend!



26th May 

Start of the long-distance. 

Finally there is a chance for a little chat on our website. Very busy times are behind us. Last Sunday, we had our first serious challenge, namely the first long-distance race from Chateaudun. After a delay of one day because of a nasty weather front right on the flight line, the pigeons from Noord-Holland were released from Chateaudun at 8.30 am. Our distance was 546 kilometers. In France there was a calm northerly wind, in Belgium it was light variable and in the Netherlands calm westerly.

The first pigeon back came at 12.42 pm, a nice early one. In the club we finished 2nd of 306 pigeons, behind long-distance champion Martijn Kramer. In the region this result was good for the 9th place against almost 1,000 pigeons and in the entire department of Noord Holland 41st against 8,300 pigeons. It was our first signed, the 'Florian', a direct pigeon out of the loft of Hendriks and Son from Nijswiller, who arrived back first for the third week in a row. 

When we started again with the long-distance in 2011, we bought some 20 young from this Hendriks combination, as we did from Rik Hermans, and about ten from Richard Faber. These young were just about old enough to participate in the 'natoer races'. They arrived back home reasonably well, but mid September we received an email from Florian Hendriks, that the 930 was collected in a central loft in Hoogerheide. The bird was collected by courier and we didn't enter it in another race that year.


As yearling, after a few speed races, we entered it in the long-distance, and with good results: three times among the first ten in the club, including a second in a difficult Orleans. As second year pigeon, it also flew a few nice prizes. Then we let it acclimatize to our new location, and in 2014 it flew two good prizes again. In 2015, it came 12th twice on the middle-distance in the club, and in this latest race it finished second (his 15th prize on the long-distance). After the 930, we had to wait 19 minutes for the next one, after which they started to drop regularly, with as a result 21 of the 37 prizes in the club and 16 of the 27 in the region.

The overnight pigeons were taken for the second time, this time to Feluy (215 kilometers). They arrived back well, albeit 15 minutes after the prize winners, but we are used to that on these flights. 


Next weekend, the widow hens are taken for the long-distance race from Morlincourt (345 kilometers). The long-distance cocks stay home and they are entered in the race from Bourges (627 kilometers), the following week. The overnight yearlings will also go to Morlincourt. Next Sunday the old overnight pigeons are taken along in the trailer as well (100 kilometers).

We will keep you informed!


Florian  Florian "930" with his hen "800"



23rd February


Sometimes you're in luck...


In 2013, we won the 17th national Barcelona with the 'Mylou' from the old address at the Dorpsstraat. A beautiful hen with a very good lineage. In her pedigree, we can trace the best of Jan Roelofs, the old 'Orhan' and 'Myra' blood, and we come across the name J. Steketee.

Have a look at Pigeons-Overnight Long distance, and you will see for yourself that a pigeon with a pedigree like hers, and with such an achievement in a very difficult Barcelona, is worth going into the breeding loft.

Which we promptly did. We bred fantastic young from her with the 'Pashmar'. Until last year's late breeding round. She stopped producing eggs. This can happen. 'We'll just have to wait till next year.' we said to each other. But this year, the 'Mylou' doesn't produce eggs either. Finished. Done. Even with a hormonal injection from the vet, no more eggs.

Pity. A seven year hen old that doesn't lay anymore, while she has definitely not been 'milked out'. We did place four of the young that she produced last year in the breeding loft. Never mind, sometimes you're in luck... sometimes things go wrong.

 Myloe In Het Hok


Last weekend, my wife and I were at the ceremony of De Gouden Duif in Broechem/Ranst again. Always a good and pleasant celebration. Rob Timmermans, who lives not that far from us in the same county, won the International Competition Extra Long-distance. Fantastic! We met up with fellow fanciers, drank a pint or two, and had a nice meal in Lier. You have to make the most of the day, don't you? There is enough misery in the world. The next morning, after a night in hotel Best Western, we visited the pigeon market, and went home again. This year, the Jupiler beer did not leave any after effects like a headache, nausea or other physical discomforts. There have been years that the discomfort was very high indeed. Luckily, not this year...

 DSC 8631

      Rob Timmermans won the International Competition Extra Long Distance






2nd February

Worst season ever, still a top season


The season of 2014 will go into the records of the Brothers as the worst season of our entire pigeon racing history. Never before have we had so many weeks in a row with disastrous results. Only from Barcelona, the pigeons came home in an acceptable time, all the other races they took forever. But even with the race from Barcelona, not everything went smoothly. The first pigeon that arrived back home circled some ten times over the loft and then she flew off to the old loft at the Dorpsstraat, from where she had been racing until six months before. Jos' wife Colinda drove to the old address as quickly as she could to try chasing the pigeon off, but when she got there, there was no pigeon to be seen. By that time, the bird was once again circling over the new loft. This went on and on. Another pigeon arrived and after hesitating for a long time, it finally went into the loft. In the meantime, Kees had once again gone to the old address and he found another Barcelona pigeon in the empty pigeon loft. Man oh man, what a disaster, racing with pigeons that are not yet accustomed to their new housing. In the end, we still managed to win nine national prizes out of the 19 nominated pigeons. In almost all other races, the results were terrible. It was as if the birds didn't know where they belonged anymore. You sometimes hear stories of fanciers that race the tiles of the roof with still acclimatizing pigeons, well, for us it was a tragedy.

2013 was a good year, the last year at the old address. We won the 17th and 79th national from Barcelona, and on the long-distance we achieved a few good results with the 'Witpen Richard' and the 'BesteRik'. We moved house in the period from July to December. Consequently, the first year at the new address became the worst year we have ever known. But we have built fantastic lofts there. There is lots of space at our new abode. We were able to build the lofts wherever we wanted, not limited by lack of space, difficult neighbours, trees, shady areas, windy areas... Up in the former toolshed we let our fancier friend from Akersloot, Ys Kaptein, build some of those wonderful attic lofts. Behind Jos' house, there appeared a loft for the one day long-distance pigeons. The cheese warehouse is five times bigger than the previous building. At last, we have space enough again to work efficiently, and all mobile stalls and delivery vans can be parked inside. Suppliers don't obstruct traffic anymore with their trucks like they did at the old address. The ladies, who love their horses, have them now simply on their own property. What a luxury! After years of having to struggle with limited space,  we have been able to buy such a large plot which is completely to  our liking...                                         And so, the worst season ever still became a top season.




25th January 2015

It has to stay enjoyable.


As you might know already, we are cheesemongers. Apart from the Sunday and Monday, every other day of the week we drive our mobile stalls to the markets, to sell our wares to the customers. Up to now, it has always gone well for us, and our market trade has become busier and busier over the years. Fortunately, we don't have so much competition from the supermarkets or from internet sales which have caused such a dramatic drop in income for market vendors in other branches and for many shop owners.

When we began to focus on the overnight long-distance races in the early nineties, we chose predominantly for the ZLU races because these had, apart from Barcelona, a Saturday morning release. This meant that the pigeons would return home on Sunday morning or sometimes Saturday evening, which was ideal for us. For us Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest days at the market. That is when we have to do most of our selling, and there is not much time to wait for the pigeons coming home. Until two years ago, it was a way for us to unwind after a busy Saturday at the market, to start waiting for the pigeons to come home. Fantastic. Mobile market stalls in the garage, staff gone home, warehouse locked, everything done. Waiting for the pigeons, or together speculating when the pigeons would come. Later that evening? Early tomorrow morning? In warm weather sitting outside until dark with a beer in the hope that one of the birds would come home. Sometimes one would come, most of the time they would not. Then the next day, Sunday morning at dawn, into the loft with a cup of strong coffee and fresh bread rolls. The kick when an early bird dropped on the trapdoor, the telephone calls from fellow fanciers, the sunburned heads that we usually had. Or sheltering under the awning when it rained, grumbling about everyone and everything, until at last an early pigeon returned. Recognizable, don't you think? That all changed for us when they started releasing the pigeons on Friday morning. Friday evening and early Saturday morning is peak time for the Gebroeders. And there is always a problem. Someone calls in sick, a flat tire, something forgotten that has to be brought to the market. One member of staff has a weekend off, a wedding or something else that they absolutely have to attend. Well, all that takes a lot of pleasure out of waiting for the pigeons coming home. Or it is simply not possible at all because you have to go and help at the market. Then it turns into an effort instead of a relaxation. I already began looking at the weather forecast on Mondays, hoping that the weather would be so bad that the release would have to be postponed. If the release of the pigeons was on Friday, I tried to hire some extra staff for the Saturday morning. Sometimes I succeeded, but you can't ask people to help out six weeks in a row. And even so, you are not really completely relaxed waiting for your pigeons. This year we have tried it one last time, participating in all the ZLU races. But it wasn't a success. That is why in the coming years, we will only enter in the race from Barcelona. Ones a year, something can be arranged for the Saturday. Besides, Barcelona is often our best race. So, that's why. We have also bought ourselves some one day long-distance pigeons again. The arrivals from these races are mainly on Saturday afternoon, when the pressure on the cheese kettle is a bit less and when we can usually manage to go home to wait for the pigeons.

But on the other hand, these Friday releases could just be a punishment that I have deserved. Every time when there was to be another meeting about the racing program or about the time of release, I used to say "Why don't we all enter in the ZLU races, these people don't have meetings, there you participate or you don't!" Well... Now it has come to the point that we won't participate anymore.

Because it has to stay enjoyable. 


Standplaats Assendelft 1

 At the market




20th January


New acquisition


At the Golden 10 sale of 'De Duif' in November 2014 we bought a hen from Cor de Heide. A magnificent pigeon with a most impressive pedigree. We believed that this pigeon would fit in very well with our own breed. There is also still a bit of 'Orhan' blood in her by way of Luc Sioen. Furthermore, in the past, we have had very good results with descendants of a pigeon from Cor de Heide that we purchased in 1997. Out of that pigeon we then bred for instance the 'Tarkan' and the 'Luana', good for the 40th and 47th national Barcelona 2004. Both also turned out to be good breeders. So, on studying the sales list for the above mentioned sale, this pigeon caught our attention and we travelled to Asten to try to buy this daughter out of the young 'Don Michel' (1st Ace pigeon Barcelona ZLU 2011-2013) with the 'Naomi' (1st international Ace pigeon Barcelona 2013-2014 with the 6th international in 2014). She didn't come cheap, because there were a few other fanciers who wanted this pigeon as an addition to their breeding loft, but in the end we were the ones who succeeded and the hen came to Assendelft.

Because we also want to start participating in earnest again in the one day long-distance races, and because we could well use another hen for the breeding loft, we also bought a hen out of the 'Super Dark' from Koen Minderhout at this sale. And we bought a white hen of the breed from Marcel Wouters.

When we returned home, we put these three hens together temporary in a separate compartment, with the intention to couple them around Christmas time. But imagine our surprise after some ten days... The hen from Cor de Heide proved to be a cock. Take a look for yourself at the photo's below. Wouldn't you have sworn that this is a hen? Well, it isn't. But, dear sport friends, with several pigeons that we bought from Huib Oostenrijk in the eighties, the gender was very difficult to determine. The very first time that we purchased pigeons from Huib, we went home contentedly, but said to each other "It's a pity that they are all hens". In the end, all of them turned out to be cocks... And in later years, the best pigeons were often those cocks that looked so much like hens. For instance, we once had the '062'. He was a very feminine cock as well. He became stock cock... We also had 'De Wegvlieger'. If he was without hens for too long, he became gay. Offspring from these cocks also often passed for hens, until they suddenly started to chase another hen. Well I never... it's a cock.

I don't know why, but such pigeons can also live to a very old age. So, cocks that look very much like a hen? In our experience, they were the best pigeons. Maybe it will be the same again with this new acquisition...


 Late Cor

Late Cor




Such a pity..........

Well, dear sports friends. This first article written by me for our renewed website is not the most cheerful. It is about the decline in members. And this decline, that is a real pity. That is a really such a great pity. Because the pigeon sport is such a fantastic hobby. How nice it would be to have a little bit of growth in new members. Once in a while you do see a new face in the club, but on the whole more and more members are disappearing. The reasons for people to stop with the pigeon sport or not to take it up (anymore) are known to us all. Being tied to the house too much, too expensive, no time, not being able to get achievements on paper and many more. There is not much sense in going on about it, I think. What can we do ourselves to stop us sinking completely and to keep a respectable number of people in the pigeon club for the coming years? The new members shall primarily have to come out of our own circle. A son or daughter, nephew or niece. A neighbour maybe. Big promotion campaigns will do no harm, but I believe that each of us who cares about the sport has to try making people enthousiastic for the pigeon sport. Invite a family member when the pigeons return home, take your neighbour to the club house. Try something! Do something! It certainly doesn't help to say "they have to do this" or "they should do that". Try to keep the excisting members in the sport. If every member of the NPO would recruit one extra member in 2015, our numbers would have doubled next year! My son doesn't care much about the pigeons at the moment, but my daughter is really enthousiastic. The little loft at the back of our house in Krommenie is now 'her loft'. As are all the pigeons in there. Last year we were at the market in Lier and we bought a few pigeons for just a few pounds. She was so proud with her basket of pale youngsters! We went for a drink afterwards in the Groen Huis next to the market and a fellow fancier had to admire the acquisitions. That they would't achieve anything in a race was an insignificant, little detail. "When are we going to the market again dad?" Fantastic, don't you agree! Otherwise, she is just like every other junior member, crazy about red pigeons, coloured ones and white ones. That lame one with his crooked wing has to stay in the loft as well.

It would actually be better for the achievements if the pigeons in her loft would be raced on widowhood. But nest pigeons is sooo much more fun. They lay eggs and produce young birds. When she comes home from school at noon for a sandwich, she often goes into the loft first to see what has happened. And later in the afternoon again, sometimes twice. Or she has a friend in tow to show off the newborn pigeons. That is why we leave these pigeons on their nests. Going in and out of the loft ten times a day and feeding the pigeons like they were pigs? Not a problem with nest pigeons. Let her do her thing. Maybe she will still have pigeons in ten years time, when she will be twenty. And if she won't, would that be bad? No, not bad, just a pity.

Such a pity.....


14th January 2015

 Jongen Met DuifOud Hok


                          Nice!                                                          Pity.....